Stu Mason - Freelance Designer and Illustrator
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Stu Mason - Freelance Designer and Illustrator
Oxfordshire-based Designer & Illustrator

Rock N' Roll Could Never ever Hip-Hop Like This

My illustrated tribute to some of
the biggest names in hip-hop history.



As far back as I can remember I've spent my spare time drawing and painting. Maintaining an exposure to art, illustration and mark-making whilst building my career as a designer - it was my outlet. But balance is important and as time passed, the desire to work in a way that better reflected my natural approach to creativity grew.

And so here I am, Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator -keen to be chasing down ideas, tinkering with concepts and generally making the place a little prettier… It’s the small joys I discover along the way that make it all so worthwhile. Surprise and delight, by way of tinkering!

I'm always keen for new collaborations and interesting projects so feel free to get in touch and fire me an email below.


Follow me on IG: @stu_mason