alas, it would appear that my poor
website has followed the fate of
The Cobbler's Children*

fear not though
for out of the ashes of tight deadlines, sleepless
nights and other such design-related clichés
pertaining to my inability to shower my own site with
love, care and attention**, hope springs eternal and
my website will soon be reborn

In the mean time however, you can view some of my
most recent work on the websites below:

mal chaussé
En casa del herrero,
la cuchara de madera
A csizmadiák cipő
mindig sérült

it's an old expression, but you probably know what it means
The Cobbler's Children
(or wife) go unshod

The story goes that the cobbler spends so much time looking afer his customers' needs that he has no time for his children's who often went barefoot. Of course the parallels to my own website are certainly relevant, and like any industry it's difficult not to underestimate the importance being a model for your own work. With that in mind I feel it's key that something as seemingly minor as a holding page still stands as a showcase of my abilities.

That said though, work is underway on a suitable replacement...

...check back soon for updates!

...and in case you were wondering who I am:

i'm stu mason
(An Oxfordshire based Freelance
Graphic & Web Designer)

I'm also Editor of True Grip Magazine for the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club (SIDC)